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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Trump trumped, US First Lady dumped, dogs have their day!

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Southern News & Feature Service Exclusive

Chennai, March 30 [SNFS]: The United States isn’t Russia or the Philippines.

The White House has begun rebooting Trump 2.0.

Women journalists with strong opinions like Kathleen Parker write excellent, sarcastic prose. A sample:

It’s been ages since New York City’s paparazzi have been able to capture the queen — her lapis lazuli eyes and haughty cheekbones mere recollections from snapshots past. These days, Melania Knauss Trump keeps mostly her own company, touring the cells of her vast tower prison, tending the king’s son and remembering colder days in Slovenia when she knitted her own sweaters.

The years of Melania’s father – as a member of the Communist Party is all but erased from a résumé that features the creation of the persona of the first lady of the United States of America.

One of India’s best women journalists with an enviable sense of humour is the late celebrity satirist Cho Ramaswamy’s niece Nirupama Subramanian. Her tweet, the other day, said it all in one swift swish:

It was a news item put out by the news agency AFP with a Paris dateline, published in The Hindu.

The sting in the summarised tail ‘headline’ [reproduced verbatim]:

English summary

Jayalalithaa's nice [sic] deepa election campaign at R.k.Nagar [sic] by election

The copy said that departed CM Jaya’s niece Deepa accused former CM OPS of acting in bad faith over suspicious aspects of Jayalalithaa’s death.

In its multiple language incarnations, One India claims to be a pioneer. One member of its management team claims to possess a degree from Alabama varsity.

Do they teach English so badly there?

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