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Monday, 6 February 2017

Real reasons behind postponement of Sasikala swearing in revealed

From TSV Hari, Chennai, Vakratund Varma, New Delhi

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Southern Features News Services Exclusive

Chennai, New Delhi [SFNS] Tamil Nadu’s acting Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao has refused to swear VK Sasikala in as the Chief Minister.

This was despite Sasikala being elected as the leader of the ruling All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam legislature party.

“The reason could only be that she may have to answer tough questions in courts. One such case is yet to be registered – and that would pertain to the role played by Sasikala in what seems like extremely mysterious circumstances that led to the sudden death of Jayalalithaa,” a top police official said in Chennai on condition of anonymity.

Governor Rao met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the eve of what could have been the ‘D’ Day for his trip to Chennai to administer the oath of office to Sasikala, media reports said.


In a major development, AIADMK General Secretary VK Sasikala’s swearing-in ceremony was deferred.

Tamil Nadu Governor Vidyasagar Rao sought the opinion of the Attorney General in view of the controversy surrounding Sasikala’s appointment as CM.

VK Sasikala was set to take oath as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on February 7 2017.

Top sources told SFNS that a controversial press conference held in Chennai that dragged the name of Governor Rao led to the deferment. Operative excerpts and relevant controversial gaps in the narrative:

Controversial part 

Doctors of Apollo hospital who treated former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa held a press conference in Chennai to dispel rumours surrounding her death.

Questioned whether Tamil Nadu Governor Ch. Vidyasagar Rao met Jayalalithaa in the hospital, Tamil Nadu government doctor P Balaji said the Governor met her during his second visit.

“Jayalalithaa showed him a ‘thumbs up’ sign,” Balaji said.

Dr Richard Beale, a London-based doctor who closely monitored Jayalalithaa's case, assured that there was no conspiracy behind her death.

When asked why the world was made to believe that she was improving despite she was critically ill, the doctors answered, “This is a policy related question, and we are doctors, so we cannot answer that. After she was put on the ventilator, she wasn’t able to communicate with the officials.”

Emphasis supplied.

During the first visit of the Governor, Rao did not meet Jaya, the above paragraphs suggest.

Operative portions of another press report suggest a different tale.

The question to be asked is, whether the hospital is in possession of any report about the treatment that suggest the necessity of Jayalalithaa being put on a ventilator between September 27 2016 and October 2 2016.

The report is not clear about the date on which Jayalalithaa was placed on ventilator.

Tamil Nadu Governor Chennamaneni Vidyasagar Rao on Saturday visited ailing Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa at a hospital in Chennai and was happy to note she was “recovering well”.

Rao visited the chief minister in the ward where she is being given treatment and stated he was “thankful” to the doctors who took him there and for explaining in detail the treatment given to her. He presented a basket of fruits and wished Jayalalithaa a speedy recovery.

Upon his visit to the Apollo Hospitals where he stayed for about 30 minutes, Rao was briefed by its Chairman Pratap C Reddy on the treatment being given to Jayalalithaa, a Raj Bhavan release said.

 Controversial part:

Operative excerpts from a report published in The Times of India dated October 22 2016, with the by-line of Julie Mariappan:

Governor C Vidyasagar Rao  visited Apollo Hospitals, where chief minister J Jayalalithaa is undergoing treatment. This is his second visit to the hospital, ever since the chief minister was admitted on September 22.

“The Governor visited the CM in the ward where she is undergoing treatment. The governor was happy to note that the CM is progressing well,” a Raj Bhavan statement said, after Rao's visit.

Apollo Hospitals chairman Pratap C Reddy briefed the governor in detail about the treatment being given to the CM. Jayalalithaa is being treated by a team of experts consisting of doctors from critical care group of the hospitals, senior cardiologist, senior respiratory physician, senior consultant, infectious diseases, endocrinologist, diabetologist and dieticians.

“The chairman, Apollo hospitals apprised the governor that the CM continues to be under treatment and observation for all vital parameters, respiratory support and passive physiotherapy. The CM is interacting and responding remarkably to the treatment,” the statement said.

Emphasis supplied

Controversial part

Patients on ventilator support can indeed communicate with others.

Jayalalithaa’s personal friend and senior journalist Cho S Ramaswamy was admitted to the same hospital. Despite being on ventilator support, he communicated with many guests by scribbling on a note pad.

Senior journalists in Chennai witnessed such events.

There is no talk about Jayalalithaa having suffered from a paralytic stroke.

Hence, she could have scribbled her interactions with the Governor. There are no indications of such an event.

Controversial part

On the matter of photographing Jayalalithaa when she was critically ill, Dr Beale said, “Images of critically ill patients are not taken. I don’t understand why reasonable people would expect that such an act should be committed,” Dr Beale said.

Jayalalithaa visited Cho S Ramaswamy in Apollo Hospital when he was critically ill.

With journalist and political commentator Cho Ramaswamy passing away less than a day after his friend, former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, was laid to rest near MGR Memorial, an old video of the two of them has resurfaced.

The video showed Jayalalithaa visiting Cho in the hospital and assuring him that he would be back on his feet soon. “It’s always a pleasure to see you,” said Jayalalithaa as Cho apologised for putting her into the trouble of visiting him. She was heard telling him that the doctors were optimistic that he would make a recovery. 

Jayalalithaa's cheery demeanour and the warmth were apparent during their conversation.

At the time the video was shot, there were rumours that Jayalalithaa was seriously ill. The visit dispelled such ideas. 

Cho and Jayalalithaa knew each other for about sixty years. 

Dr Beale, Dr Balaji and Dr B. Abraham, who claimed to be in the know of the treatment accorded to Jayalalithaa, have uttered sentences that are not exactly adding up in logical terms.

The truth is yet to be established.

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