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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Baba Ramdev's Praise Of Mamata Bannerjee In Anticipation Of Land Gift?

From TSV Hari

Southern Features & News Service Exclusive

Has Ramdev fallen out with Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi and is gallivanting with the opposition to find ‘an alternative’?

Whenever there is a political crisis, I should do what I feel is best for the country. I will not brook any political partnerships. My resolution is to provide the country with a strong political alternative.

“Ramdev’s businesses are scheduled to bag a huge parcel of land from Mamata Bannerjee in West Bengal. That is why he is praising her sky-high,” a top source in Kolkata officialdom said.

“The Baba had himself given an indication of this in October this year, during a media interaction under the auspices of The Indian Express,” the source added.

Maharashtra gave 400 acres, Akhileshji (UP CM) is giving more than 400 acres to us in NOIDA. Tomorrow, Mamataji will give us some land.

The Baba’s generous praise for West Bengal CM is in the form of edited quotes. Appended questions in a different font and colour are courtesy a source that wishes anonymity as it is linked to business rivalry:


“If son of a chaiwala could become Prime Minister, Mamataji could also become Prime Minister.”


Are tea-vendors some kind of low-life?

Does Ramdev imply that Mamata too is some kind of low-life and that her status in higher in the low-life hierarchy?


“Mamataji is the symbol of honesty and simplicity. I love her simplicity. She wears chappals and ordinary saris. I believe she does not have black money.”


Is the Baba’s belief based on the footwear worn by Didi or her simple saris?

If those are adequate qualifications for Baba to pronounce judgement, what would he say about a man called Vaikundarajan of Tamil Nadu accused of being the kingpin of a Rs.1 lakh crore rupee scandal who sports shirts and dhotis of ordinary make and does not wear footwear?


“When Left Front was in power, I had said Mamataji should come to power. It happened.”


Does Ramdev claim that his blessings caused the victory of Trinamool Congress and not the long drawn political wars fought by Didi?

If Ramdev tries to wriggle out by saying that he only predicted the win, would he care to explain whether he teaches Yoga or is a soothsayer? If he is both, did he do the prediction due to his ‘Yogic powers’? If he has such powers, would he care to mention how many other predictions he had made?


“I think she is not opposed to the demonetisation move per se. I feel she is not happy the way it was implemented.”


Did Ramdev read Mamata Bannerjee’s tweets?

On the basis of the above tweets, would Ramdev care to explain how did he discern that Mamata was not against demonetisation per se?

He clarified his stand soon.

The so-called ‘apology’ – courtesy – India Today:

“My statement has been misrepresented. The term – ‘honeymoon is over’ – is common in political language. I tried to use it in that sense. I had no intention to insult honourable Rahul Gandhi or Dalit community. But this is also true that Rahul Gandhi goes to houses of poor and uses that opportunity as publicity stunt, picnic or tourism. I express regret if the use of that term has hurt the feelings of any community, especially Dalit community.”

A senior Congress leader from Kerala who lives in Delhi had remarked, “Anyone wishing to believe the above statement as an apology is welcome to continue living in fools’ blunder-land!”

I have no problem with anyone’s shirt, jeans, sari, Burkha, beard or cap

Black money is not traceable

I don’t own a single share in Patanjali Ayurved. I’m an unpaid brand ambassador.

I will not target any Indian company. If competition occurs between the brands by itself, that’s all right, but we won’t actively pursue them.

“Patanjali atta noodles will soon oust Maggi as the top noodles brand in the country. Currently from about a 100 tonnes, our production of atta noodles will be increased to 300-500 tonnes.”

“Barring HUL, we will overtake all other multinational companies. These companies are taking money out of the country.”

Patanjali Yogpeeth is an institute founded for the promotion and practice of yoga and Ayurveda. It has two Indian campuses—Patanjali Yogpeeth I and Patanjali Yogpeeth II, with locations in the UK US, Nepal, Canada and Mauritius. Ramdev established the Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK) Trust in 2006, with the aim of promoting yoga in UK. The Scottish island of Little Cumbrae worth £2.5 million [Rs.250 crores] was gifted to him by NRI couple Sarwan and Sunita Potdar. For the past decade, Ram Dev and Acharya Balkrishna jointly own Patanjali Ayurved – a sprawling campus in Haridwar, in Uttarakhand, a northern state in India said to be worth Rs.5000 crores. As on March 2016, the firm’s annual turnover had crossed Rs.45 billion [US$670 million].Aggressive business methods of Patanjali have hit listed companies such as Colgate, Dabur, ITC, Godrej and Nestle, according to India Infoline, a portal specializing in business info.

 “Renaming Ramdev as ‘Ravana-Dev’ and appending the words ‘black-sheep’ to the term Baba would be a welcome action in the light of what the Yoga-instructor seems to be doing. One should not be surprised if someone finds out details that can be compared to the antics of Congress Rasputin who was Indira Gandhi’s sidekick – Dhirendra Bramhachari. Ramdev seems to claim similar proximity with PM Narendra Modi,” commented a Chennai wag.


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  1. 400 acres gifted by Maharashtra, 400 acres gifted by Akhilesh (inka baap ka land tha kya?)! And the landless in these states get a few hundred rupees on election eve! And we have to accept this is democracy?

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